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This project has been superseded by MIP which is a very compact and fully managed tcp/ip stack also available here on codeplex. Follow this link to go to MIP instead:

Project Description
NetduIp (pronounced "nett-dew-ay-pee") is a fully pfledged Microsoft .NET port of the famous uIp TCP/IP protocol stack by Adam Dunkels of the Swedish Institute for Computer Science (SICS).

The initial implementation of NetduIp will be that of IPv4 but an IPv6 version might also follow in future. Hence NetduIp might become a dual stack implementation as well. Thus, NetduIp might very well end up as able of being interpreted as "Net Dual Ip".

The initiative for NetduIp was taken by a group of members of the Netduino forum at provided by Secret Labs. Sprung from Netduino, NetduIp is primarily intended for that hardware but since only the ethernet driver portions deals with hardware, NetduIp could easily be used on any .NET platform regardless of that being a Micro version or not.


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